Director, Heather R. Spence

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All programs and publications are part of a larger initiative called GRACIASS (Global Research and Arts Center for the Investigation and Advancement of Sustainability Solutions)

MesoAmerican Marine Passive Acoustic Monitoring Program ("EARs in the Caribbean")
Acoustic monitoring of the MesoAmerican Reef using the Ecological Acoustic Recorder (EAR). Passive Acoustic Monitoring documents and tracks health of marine ecosystems in Protected Areas, providing essential data on biodiversity and use, to inform management decision-making.

Schools Connecting for Environmental Conservation Program
Communication exchange between students in Cancun, Mexico and Arlington, Virginia. School workshops are held to create original songs about specific local environmental concerns. Videos of performances are shared.

"Marine Life of the Mexican Caribbean"
English/Spanish/Mayan coloring and activity book suitable for all ages. Pictures and information on a sampling of the amazing native diversity of life along the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula and in the regional protected areas of the Mexican National Parks. Distributed in local schools, hotels, and also available for educational use world-wide by free download.

The GRACIASS initiative was founded by Heather Spence, to:
  1. implement and enhance local and international scientific and cultural projects promoting Cancun as a natural wonder and model of sustainability; and
  2. attract and bring together internationally, a selection of scholars, artists and students to explore global solutions for maintaining the viability of coastal ecosystems through development of sustainable residential and tourism strategies.

Heather Spence works on behalf of Michelle's Earth as a tribute to the vision she and Michelle shared for promoting world peace through appreciation for music and the wonders of the natural world.